This blog is an archive for my research, interviews with designers and museum staff, and travel experiences as I explore multilingual design practices in Taiwan.
Fulbright research abroad in Taipei, Taiwan began in March 2021.   




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Language: 中文
Date: Oct 31, 2021
Watching: The Urban Rescue Ranch Youtube channel

透過三月到十一月來台灣讀書的這段時間中,我的中文能力,活動經驗,讓我增加了很多的自信。現在我在台灣讀書的時間就要結束了,必須開始在美國申請工作。我知道住在台灣對我的人生很大的影響,與在將來讓我有很多的機會。我還記得兩年前,在我的心中,拿到傅爾布萊特助學金是最大的目標。 現在目標成功了, 是時間讓我在我心中找有什麼新目標。

從小到大,我一直都是由用功又愛創作的學生,所以自然而然就決定攻讀藝術學位。我在藝術大學培養設計美學的能力時,發現我很喜歡平面設計的研究和解決問題的過程。那時候,我以為,我的設計水平比不上同學。我的很多設計作品意涵很深,不過視覺設計的技術不高,因为我花了更多的时间研究而不是设计。大學三年級,在現代美術館我有機會上課和找兼职工作。从那时起我關注公共博物館的重點:給所有的人教育和靈感的機會。因為這個經驗,改變了我的學術重點和職業目標, 讓我發現畢業以後,申請傅爾布萊特可以給我機會同時學習博物館、設計和中文。事實證明,通過擁抱我的研究才能,而不僅僅是將我的工作與其他人進行比較,這讓我走上了一條完全屬於我自己的道路。



Through these ten months in Taiwan, improving Chinese language ability and gaining more experience has given me a lot of self confidence. Now my time studying in Taiwan is nearly finished, and it’s time to start looking for a job in America. I know that my time in Taiwan is something that I will always carry with me and will open up many new opportunities in the future. I remember how, two years ago now, receiving a Fulbright Grant seemed like the biggest achievement I could imagine. Now that I’ve received and completed my grant, it’s time to dig deeper within myself to find new goals.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a studious and creative student, so it made sense for me to choose to study art in college. As I developed my own design aesthetic at VCUarts, I discovered that I really enjoyed the research and creative problem-solving parts of the graphic design process. During that same time, I also felt like I couldn’t keep up with my classmates technical design skills. Many of my projects had a deep meaning or were based on in-depth research, but I focused on developing those aspects more than the visual design. During my junior year, I had the opportunity to take a class and then accepted a part-time job at a contemporary art museum. I started to become interested in the goal of that museum: to allow everyone a space to learn and be inspired. This experience changed my design focus and my career path, and eventually lead me to apply to the Fulbright Program after graduation to study museums, design, and Chinese language. It turns out that by embracing my talent for research instead of just comparing my work to others started me on a path that was all my own.

A year of independent research has opened my eyes to the freedom I have to explore my own interests, such as writing, researching, traveling, Taiwanese culture, politics, project planning, and exploring museums. My dream job would incorporate at least some of these interests, as well as allow me to create and problem solve to make life better for people. I want to push myself to explore unknown opportunities, such as possibly returning to school for a master’s degree to become a professor. In the future, I hope I am able to try many different jobs and master skills from many disciplines. My hope is that my Fulbright experience is just the beginning, and from now on, I can cultivate a practice of confidently stepping out into the world to try new things.


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