This blog is an archive for my research, interviews with designers and museum staff, and travel experiences as I explore multilingual design practices in Taiwan.
Fulbright research abroad in Taipei, Taiwan began in March 2021.   




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Let’s work together to create more accessible museum design. 

Museums and tourist sites serve as gateways into new cultures and experiences. My Fulbright research project examines how museums (in Taiwan & USA) implement successful multilinugal exhibitions. Through my collaboration with the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies at Fu Jen Catholic University, I am eager to study bilingual design practices and consider how American designers can serve more diverse audiences by providing multilingual exhibits, signage, and resources.

I plan to travel to Taiwan for 10 months starting in March 2021. 

PLEASE NOTE: My research plans were submitted to the Fulbright Commission in Fall 2019, when the situation in East Asia and ability to visit public museums were very different. My project is subject to continual adaptation in response to the effects of COVID-19 on museums and travel.

About Colleen / 蘭心 :

I recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s graphic design BFA program, summa cum laude. At VCU I realized my interest in experience and exhibition design, and found a special interest in museum studies through my work at the ICA in Richmond. I joined the Richmond Chapter of the Society for Experiential Graphic Design in 2018. 

I am conversational in Mandarin Chinese and can read and write at an HSK 3 level. I’ve been learning Chinese diligently since high school but since my last two years of college were taken over by projects and internships, improving my language level is a main goal for my Fulbright project in China. 

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Here are some second opinons about me:

“Colleen is a problem solver and people-supporter” - Ruth Bolduan, VCU professor and co-traveler to Beijing 

“She is a very outgoing and talented designer”: - Brittney Butler, Society for Experiential Graphic Design Richmond Chapter Chair 

“Colleen’s strong interest in museum operations, communication, and community impact has certainly helped to strengthen [the ICA’s] mission to create a forum for dialogue and collaboration” - Dan Nemer, Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU Manager of Visitor Experience and former employer